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How Matchii was born

As university students and future (and current) job seekers ourselves, we have experienced first-hand how the process can be time-consuming, monotonous and overall not efficient for our already-busy lives. On average, we would spend 40 minutes per application, amounting close to 20 hours by the time we are done - time that could be spent to further our knowledge, skill sets, or just simply to unwind (we all deserve breaks!). The most frustrating part, though, is not hearing back from employers. It is anyone’s and everyone’s goal to land interviews for jobs they have applied to, so not getting any responses, whether it be good news or bad, is very discouraging, and makes us question our abilities and values as candidates. This is how Matchii is born - we want to redefine the job application process to make it the most efficient and convenient, all the while maintaining candidates’ enthusiasm and passion throughout the journey.

Why the restaurant industry?

Matchii's vision is to target small to medium sized restaurants across the GTA. Having done our research, we found out that the high turnover rate is most prominent among these restaurants. Without dedicated HR teams, filtering for the ideal candidates becomes problematic. As the process continues, the long term costs of hiring become very high. In the near future, we will integrate our services into other industries to help more fellow job seekers, make the most of their time. Our end goal is to create more meaningful and lasting connections with the employees that you hire through Matchii. We strongly believe that the root of a great culture, starts with an efficient recruitment process. Let us help you with that step.

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