So… What is the Matchii Experience?

Find out more about how Matchii can be the solution to your recruitment needs!

Dylan Koordi

Updated 15 hours ago · 4 min read

By now, you would have probably read 1 or a few of our articles on a host of different topics. While I would have hoped that some of the topics were interesting to you, I would assume that a part of you is wondering, “What is Matchii?” or “Why am I reading something from Matchii”.

Fret not, while you are not able to gain any intuitive tips on this post. Matchii can be beneficial to you when you are reopening your doors to the general public for when restrictions are lifted. In the shortest and pandemic proof way possible, here is what Matchii is:

A 30-second elevator pitch about Matchii

A selection tool platform catered towards improving recruitment strategies across culinary and high turnover industries.

That was not 30 seconds, but if you are a restaurant owner, Matchii helps you find that needle in the haystack. A problem that can be all so familiar for many recruiters, but having us as your middle man can be a cost-effective and seamless experience for when you are hiring again.

What is in it for you?

Picture that you are reopening your restaurant and in-person dining are available again. You are shorthanded in staff because well, you didn’t need that many staffers during the pandemic.

You want a quick and easy solution to your recruitment problems. Unfortunately, a lot of other restaurants are opening up as well and they are grabbing all the talents quickly. That means you are left with a handful of potential applicants that may not necessarily meet your standards.

Here’s where we can really help you. Why should you have to undervalue your company by scraping for leftovers when you can leverage technology to improve your recruitment strategies? That is, try Matchii. Let us efficiently connect you with an applicant that shares the values/work ethic or any pre desired personality component that you have pre-set for us. We will do the searching for you at a fraction of the price that these different agencies are charging.


A low cost but high payoff decision for your workforce. Creating a work culture is quintessential for restaurants trying to bounce back from a period of slow growth. Here’s where you will need to explore the different methods to keep costs low while improving the efficiency of your workflow. We want to help you prosper and grow. But with recruitment being such a pertinent issue, let Matchii help you with that.