Anniversary dinner on a budget

Have an important anniversary coming up but you don't want to splash the odd $100-$200 on a 3-course meal? Let us guide you through an easy to cook and cost-friendly solution to your needs!

Dylan Koordi

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If you are like me and you don’t like to break the bank for a monthly anniversary that your significant other finds incredibly important, here’s the right article for you. Being in a pandemic, your inability to dine out will be a big issue. So, given that you are only restricted to the comfort of your own home, why not try cooking for a change? All those takeout for anniversary dinners are getting too comfortable for the both of you, so it is time to step it up. In the next 3 minutes, I will be presenting a simple 3 course meal with a cost breakdown, so you won’t be breaking the bank (and potentially your house too if you are a bad cook).

1) Appetizers – Egg Salad on mini-Baguette

Start off with something very light and incredibly easy to make. If you have a partner that is very health conscious and is very picky about calories, this low calory nutritional appetizer is just right for you. Wondering about costs? Here is the breakdown:

  • 2 eggs @ 30 cents each = $0.60
  • (Optional) Mayonnaise = $3.97
  • 1.25 oz of Crème Fraiche = $1.25
  • 1 tomato = $0.56
  • 1 red onion = $1.10
  • 1 basil = $1.50
  • Baby spinach = $1.20
  • 6 slices of Baguette = $0.50

You spend a grand total of $6.71 without the mayo and $10.68 with. Here is the link to the recipe:!

2) Mains – Rose Pesto prawn pasta

The mains are the most crucial part of the anniversary, so ideally, it would be wise to spend the most on it. For that, we have a Jamie Oliver recipe. We have the cost breakdown as follows: 

  • Frozen Cooked Whole Prawns (908G) = $15.05
  • Red Pesto = $2.67
  • 4 cloves of garlic = $0.44 for the whole but $0.15 for the 4.
  • Spaghetti = $0.97
  • (Optional) Rose wine = $13.97

The total cost is $19.13 for mains without the rose wine and $33.10 with the wine. It would be recommended to get the wine so not only will you use it for the recipe, but you can use it as a choice of beverage for the night! Here is the recipe for reference:

3) Dessert – Frozen Chocolate Éclair’s 

President’s Choice Chocolate Éclairs are a classic for dessert. Something that is not too heavy and extremely delicious. At a cost of $11.98, it’s a perfect way of capping off the romantic night. If you are looking for it:

And there you go, that is the menu for the night that you can have printed and presented to your partner prior to the actual dinner for the 'experience'.

By the end of it, you would have spent a grand total of, $37.82. Note that this price excludes the wine and the mayonnaise but is still significantly cheaper than what you pay for when you dine out or take out. The best part of it all is that you made it (well except the éclair’s) and your partner would appreciate the effort that comes with preparing a dinner that is not made by someone else but you. So, if you are having an anniversary, happy anniversary to you. If you are single, then well… every day is an anniversary and we certainly hope that you would be able to surprise that special someone one day with this!

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